Liberty Firearms Basic Rifle

October 19, 20218 hours
Ammo AvailableAge: 18 & older

Liberty Firearms basic rifle $120

This is an 8-hour class that will teach you the fundamentals of tactical style rifles. Participants will review gun safety and discuss equipment considerations, ammunition, and accessory setup for AR-15 rifles. From there, students receive an in-depth lesson on the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, which includes an instructor demonstration followed by student dry-fire practice. For the remainder of the training, participants head to the range to confirm zero and perform a variety of tactical shooting drills designed to improve carbine/rifle familiarity and marksmanship for self-defense.


Carbine (AR-10, AR-15, M-4, or AK) with sling and case Eye and ear protection appropriate for the range
3 magazines with pouches for carry
250 rounds of factory ammunition
Knee pads, elbow pads, and shooting mat highly recommended Spare batteries for any optics and the user manual for the optic

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