Liberty Firearms Tactical Rifle

October 19, 20212 days
Ammo AvailableAge: 18 & older

Liberty Firearms Tactical Rifle $300

This course will better prepare you for what you will experience in the real world. This course begins with the basics to include, fundamentals of marksmanship, equipment selection, safety, reloads (tactical & speed), and malfunctions. From there the course progresses into use of cover and concealment, increasing proficiency at close ranges, snap shooting, tactical engagement of targets, and strong side shooting. Primary focus is raising the accuracy level and tactical handling of rifle. After that we will cover turns, shooting on the move, shooting from awkward positions, slicing the pie, shooting at moving targets, distance shooting (300 yards), weak side shooting and shooting from around vehicles, shooting from vehicles, tactical reloads, slicing pie, target order of engagement, and flashlight techniques. Primary focus is to take the shooter to the next level using tactical applications. Almost everything covered in this course will be done with strong and weak hand.


Carbine (AR-15, M-4, or AK) with sling and case Eye and ear protection appropriate for the range
3 magazines with pouches for carry
500 rounds of factory ammunition
Knee pads, elbow pads, and shooting mat highly recommended Spare batteries for any optics and the user manual for the optic