Liberty Firearms Little Bulls-Eye Children’s Firearms Safety Class

June 5, 20219:00am
Ammo Available for purchaseAge: 3 & older

Liberty Firearms Little Bulls-Eye Children’s Firearms Safety Class $50

Are the children in your house curious about firearms? Do you know what they would do if they encountered an unattended firearm? Bring them to Little Bullseye for their firearms education!

This course is designed to teach kids what to do if and when they come into contact with a firearm. We will introduce kids to firearm safety and show a few different types of firearms. Whether you have firearms in your house or not, your children will inevitably come into contact with them, and you may not be present. It is extremely important for them to know how to respond if he, or she, encounters a firearm.

Ignoring firearms and neglecting to teach your children to view firearms safely and responsibly is dangerous. Even if you do not keep firearms in your home, your children are likely to have friends whose parents are firearm owners, which means at some point, your child may encounter a firearm.

One of the vital things you can do as a parent is to make it a priority to teach your children safe firearms handling habits. When you introduce firearms and teach children the appropriate way to handle them, their risk of accidental injury plummets. In Pennsylvania, hunting-related shooting incidents have decreased by 80% in the 60 years since the state began investing in hunter education courses.

Teaching children about firearm safety can be a bit nerving as a parent. Knowing the right things to say and how to demonstrate safety doesn’t always come naturally, especially with a topic like firearms safety.

Wondering where to start when it comes to firearm safety for children?
We have got you covered!
What’s the right age to start teaching your child about firearms? The earlier, the better, especially if you have one or more firearms in your home. There is a difference between teaching your children ABOUT firearms and teaching your children HOW to safely handle firearms. We will do both in this class. After completing the classroom portion, we will head to the range for practical application.

As their parent, you are the best judge of when your child is ready to grasp the concept of a firearm and learn how to handle them appropriately. When you feel that you child is ready, send them to us to get them started. This class is designed for children ages 3 and up.

In this class we will cover:

General firearms knowledge – that is the knowledge of different types of firearms and ammunition Rules for proper firearm handling Parts of firearms Marksmanship and Accuracy We will start out with a rubber firearm, then move to nerf guns, then
CO2 powered BB guns, and then finally a .22 caliber pistol and rifle.
Students will be introduced to firearms in a way that shows respect to firearms. At the end of the class students are expected to know the 4 primary firearm safety rules, how to load and unload a .22 semi-automatic pistol, marksmanship, and accuracy skills in shooting a pistol and rifle.
Unintentional contact with a firearm
Range Rules and etiquette.


  • If your child already has a firearm, it must be unloaded and
  • in a case. (No firearms bigger than 22LR) (If your child does not have a firearm, one will be provided)
  • 20 rounds of 22lr ($5 fee if Liberty Firearms provides ammunition)
  • Eye and hearing protection for both parent and child (rentals will be provided)