Liberty Firearms Church Safety Team Training

October 19, 2021
Age: 18 & older
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Liberty Firearms Church Safety Team Training

In a world of increased persecution, it is more important than ever to ensure that our places of worship are protected from all evil forces. Since September 1st, 2011, church safety teams have increased by over 80% across the United States. I have developed this service to teach and train churches how to defend themselves and their congregation from multiple situations. Safety team is my testimony and how I have served every church I have attended.

In this course, your team will receive a custom tailored Standard Operating  procedures plan, emergency action plan, evacuation route maps, emergency protocol checklist for child care locations and classrooms, bomb threat training, loitering and unruly persons training, basic detention and hand-to-hand training, multiple practical application simulations on active shooter, bomb threat, missing children, loitering and suspicious persons, physical confrontation and security of congregation safety improvements.

After signing up for this service, I will meet with the pastor or senior leadership staff and will survey your current safety team, location, building layout, lockdown and evacuation capabilities etc.. and begin developing the class for your leadership staff and safety team. Once the safety team training class is ready, we will set up a date for the leadership staff and safety team to attend.

Class Length: 10 hours


  • Notepad and pen or pencil.
  • Eye protection
  • Lunch and beverages.