Liberty Firearms Tactical Shotgun

October 19, 2021
Ammo AvailableAge: 18 & older
$200.00 person

Liberty Firearms tactical shotgun: $200

Topics include selection of weapon and ammunition, patterning and zeroing considerations, practical shooting and firing positions, reloading under duress, tactical engagement of single and multiple threats, weapon retention, switch to slug, and firing on the move.

Using the “crawl, walk, run” philosophy, students will learn and practice basic and intermediate tactical shotgun skills and shooting fundamentals both in the classroom and on the live-fire range. Live fire drills cover battlesight zero, slug select procedures, fire and maneuver from field positions, low light firing, basic and advanced buckshot drills.


Good working, serviceable shotgun (single barrel – pump or semi) with adjustable tactical sling. Tactical shotguns are preferred but not mandatory. Shotgun must be capable of shooting standard slugs. If barrel has a removable choke, the choke must be IC (Improved Cylinder) or larger.

150 rounds of ammunition (A variety of ammunition is used in this course. Minimum of 100 rounds of birdshot (7 1/2 to 9), 25 rounds of
00 Buck, and 25 rounds of slug ammunition. No home reloads allowed due to insurance.)

· Method of carrying ammunition (i.e., pouch, bandoleer, etc.).
· Eye protection
· Ear protection (electronic preferred)
· Appropriate clothing for all weather conditions. We will
train rain or shine.
· Sturdy footwear.
· Baseball style hat or appropriate headgear (to keep brass
from getting behind eye pro).
· Personal food (optional). Beverages will be provided and
while we will not take a formal break, you may eat during the classroom portion if you choose.

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