Liberty Firearms Intro to Firearms

October 19, 20217 hours
Age: 18 & older

Liberty Firearms Introduction to Firearms

This class is designed for the person who has no or little knowledge
about firearms. In this class you will learn the different types of
firearms, how they are used and how to safely handle and operate these
various platforms. We will develop the basic knowledge, skills and
attitude for owning or operating these firearms. You will learn the
rules for safe firearms handing, firearm parts, ammunition and
shooting positions. We will also cover the basics on how to clean and
maintain these different firearms.

The course is a beginner course and designed to provide the novice
student with greater confidence in handling firearms.

COST: 7 hours including lunch


Firearm: Any caliber double-action revolver or single
action/double-action semi-auto pistol. AR-15 type pistols are not
allowed in class. Your gun must be in good working order. If you do
not own a gun, one will be provided at no charge (please just let me