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NRA Certified classes

Our Mission

Liberty Firearms Gunsmithing & Training LLC Is dedicated to the highest quality work in gunsmithing and the most up to date, comprehensive and professional firearms training in the industry. We will ensure that every firearm is treated as if it is the most cherished in your collection. From the inquisitive to the enthusiast, we will guarantee that you have the most accurate knowledge in the safe use and handling of your firearm in any situation.

  • Gunsmithing Services
    Liberty Firearms  offer a myriad of  services  to remedy any firearm issue. Our prompt service and expertise will keep your arsenal ready at all times.
  • NRA Firearm Training Experience
    Liberty Firearms offer training courses that will help you learn proper technique, improve upon your current skill sets, and increase proficiency and comfortably and safely.


  • Liberty Firearms Basic Pistol 
  • Liberty Firearms Tactical Pistol 
  • Liberty Firearms Basic Shotgun 
  • Liberty Firearms Tactical Shotgun 
  • Liberty Firearms Basic Rifle 
  • Liberty Firearms Tactical Rifle 
  • Liberty Firearms Long Range Shooting 
  • Liberty firearms Metallic Cartridge Reloading 
  • Liberty Firearms CCW
  • Firearms Purchase Consultation 
  • And More!